Common Tree and Shrub Issues

Helping you care for your plantings

We’ve learned much through training and actual experience. As we add to this gallery, we hope it can help you identify issues your trees and shrubs may encounter. Some problems are able to be corrected and some are not. You can count on our pros to help care for your trees and plants. If you have questions, contact us.

Proper Tree and Shrub Management

Helping you maintain your trees and shrubs

Note the exposed root flare or “buttress” of a tree. See how the mulch only goes up to the roots and does not cover them. This is imperative for keeping your plants vivacious and happy. Improper mulching has been the number one killer of plants we’ve seen to date. Only mulch up to the plants’ respective root flares to allow for proper respiration and cork integrity.
When you start wearing your winter coats and scarves, bundle up your young trees and bushes as well. If you have container plants that are still outside, put them in an unheated place because their roots are particularly prone to freezing. Wrapping trees and shrubs with burlap will help create windbreaks and make winter a bit more tolerable for them. Finally, remember that your plants still need water if it is warmer than 40 degrees and don’t forget that plant inside a cool place as well!

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