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Moma is a local business specializing in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and organic/sustainable treatments for over 30 years. What is IPM? We are experienced tree, shrub, and lawn care professionals who serve both residential and commercial needs for all of Lancaster county and surrounding areas. Our tree and lawn care services include insect/mite control, weed control, disease control, grub control, fertilization, soil testing, limestone applications, aeration, over-seeding, and much more.

We take pride in our work and make sure our customers are as happy with the end results as we are. Our dedicated team is committed to care for your tree and landscaping needs with the professionalism, safety, and expertise that you deserve.

Moma carries over 30 Years’ experience, is state licensed, certified, and insured. We provide lawn and landscape needs in Lancaster County, including Lititz, Manheim, Strasburg, Lampeter, Willow Street, and more.


Professional Associations

Moma Tree & Lawn Care received certification from Penn State for tree and shrub identification. We are  a member of ISA (International Society of Arborists),  the Penn Del Chapter, and the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce.

Tree & Shrub Services

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Taking a holistic approach to your landscape’s integrity, acceptable control of pests is achieved using the least invasive products available or 100% organic programs can be used for peace of mind and home.

Property Analysis & Application

An IPM specialist will perform an in-depth analysis of your property to assess current disease levels, insect/mite populations (both pest and beneficial), environmental stressors, and overall homeostasis of the landscape. If necessary this is followed by a spray treatment to rectify any problems found.

Organic Fertilization

This fertilization mitigates stress and ensures the convalescence of all respective species. It can manifest as a granular top-dressing or a subsoil injection to introduce humic acids complexes, beneficial bacteria strains, naturally occurring hormones, and micro/macro nutrients.

Systemic Antibiotic Application

This injection is implemented to combat bacterial infections in trees. An amenity reintroducing beneficial bacteria is recommended after this treatment.

Systemic Fungicide Application

This treatment can manifest as an injection, foliar application, or basal trunk spray. This will work to either combat the disease directly or promote the tree/shrub’s immune system that it might suppress the disease naturally.

Systemic Insecticide Application

This treatment can manifest as an injection, foliar application, or basal trunk spray. This method for insect control ensures uniform coverage of large trees and prevents damage from insidious organisms such as scales and borers.

Systemic Micro/ Macro Nutrient Injection

This injection provides essential micro/ macro nutrients directly to the tree’s vascular system.

Systemic Miticide Application

This injection is used to combat severe mite infestations. If mite populations are too high, a second injection may be necessary to get control.

Lawn Services

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Natural/ Organic Lawn Care

By using products found naturally or organically, timely visits are made to ensure proper feeding of your turf as well as conditioning the soil to improve uptake of existing nutrients. 

Organic Fertilizations

These fertilizations are performed throughout the year to facilitate rejuvenation, healthy growth, and stress reduction. Available in the spring, late spring, summer, autumn, and late autumn. 

Pre/ Post Emergent Crabgrass Control

These respective applications work by inhibiting crabgrass germination and preventing growth. 

Broadleaf Weed Control

Aids in the control.suppression of a  wide variety of broadleaf weeds such as: dandelion, clover, thistle, violet, chickweed, and oxalis. This is a chemical application, therefore, reentry to the lawn area is acceptable 24 hours after the service is provided.

Grub/ Insect Control

This application prevents a number of insidious insect species such as grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms from destroying your lawn. 

Limestone Application

Helps to naturally correct your soils pH level which eases fertilizer uptake by your lawn. 


By lessening soil compaction and introducing new footholds for preferred grass species, this 2-in-1 application can fill in bare areas and renovate old lawns.  

Monthly Monitor

A thorough analysis of your lawn is performed to identify any potentially damaging factors such as: excessive thatch, surface/sub-surface feeding insects, improper mowing practices, and irregular pH levels.

Meet Reno

Reno Botchlet

Reno Botchlet

Owner, Founder, CEO


Reno was born and raised in Oklahoma city where he studied Microbiology at Oklahoma University. After moving east and meeting his wife, he settled down in the Lancaster area. After bouncing around between different careers he found a passion in organic lawn care. Disgruntled by companies arbitrarily spraying toxic pesticides, he devised a natural program in the hopes of preserving our environment’s integrity. Today, Reno is continuing to pursue that ideal and passion by constantly pursuing education, researching holistic treatments, and practicing sustainability.

When not working Reno enjoys spending time with his wife Heather, two sons Seth and Jack, and German Shepherds Wyatt and Tess. With a hearty appetite for a wide range of cuisine, he is especially fond of barbeque and can be spotted frequenting the grill, tending to his beehives, and fishing the various streams and rivers of Pennsylvania.


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Beauty All Around

At Moma Tree & Lawn Care we are constantly surrounded by verdant landscapes, abundant wildlife, and picturesque scenes. Every once and awhile we get that “wow” moment anew, and the beauty that surrounds us becomes evident again. Here are some of our favorite pictures in the hope that you get a little wow in your day too. 



Kousa Dogwood


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