Miko Landscaping Services

We are a full service lawn and landscaping company in Lancaster PA with over 15 years experience. We serve both residential and commercial landscape needs in Lancaster, York and Chester Counties. What’s more, we are state licensed, certified and Insured.

Soft-scaping, Hard-scaping and More

Miko landscaping services professionals can help design and construct beautiful landscaping on your property. If you already have some great ideas, but need the muscle and expertise to bring your ideas to life, give us a call! Let our professional crew take care of your property, ensuring that your lawn and landscaping remains beautiful throughout the year. They don’t just cut and trim grass and bushes – they have the training to inspect and diagnose problems caused by disease, insects, or poor soil conditions. Our goal is to help you enjoy your outdoor areas and to create the surroundings you’ve envisioned.

(717) 464-4110


P.O. Box 211
Strasburg, PA 17579

Landscaping Considerations

  • What plantings are appropriate for your soil and climate?
  • How do you plan on using your property?
  • What are the natural resources available
  • What visual treatment are your attracted to?
  • What benefits do you want from your plantings?
  • Which plantings and treatments benefit your ecosystem?

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