Miko Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

We are a full service lawn and landscaping maintenance company with over 25 years experience. And, we proudly and professionally serve both residential and commercial landscape needs in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. We offer mulching, trimming, landscape design, installation, mowing, weed control, and other services.

What’s more, we carry 25+ Years Experience, are State Licensed, Certified, and Insured. We provide lawn and landscape needs in Lancaster, Lititz, Manheim, Strasburg, Lampeter, Willow Street and more.

Miko received certification from Penn State for tree and shrub identification and has received a certification for “Focus on pruning.” Miko Lawn and Landscape is a member of ISA (International Society of Arborists), a member of the Penn Del Chapter, and a member of the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce.

Courteous, Professional Crew Members

Let our professional crew take care of your property, ensuring that your lawn and landscaping remains beautiful throughout the year. They don’t just cut and trim grass and bushes – they have the training to inspect and diagnose problems caused by disease, insects, or poor soil conditions. Our goal is to help you enjoy your outdoor areas and to create the surroundings you’ve envisioned.

Miko General Maintenance Schedule

  • March – June: Cleanup/edge/mulching, installation of plants/grass, mowing.
  • June – September: Trimming shrubs
  • September – December: Tree trimming, shrub trimming, leaf cleanup, perennials cut back, shrub reductions.

Miko Services and Schedules


Weekly: April through November; estimated 28 cuts)

  • Routine will be completed in one day’s time on the same day (determined in advance) each week – barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • Removal of clippings will be included (preferable method – bagging while mowing.) This includes removal of collected clippings from the site.
  • Walkways, driveways, patios, and building surfaces will be free of clippings within two hours of mowing completion.
  • All mowing will be completed unless otherwise approved by the Client or if growth of grass does not warrant mowing.
  • All litter on lawn areas will be picked up and disposed of properly off-site.
    Prudent and standard mowing practices will be used (i.e., equipment equipped with all safety guards, no scalping, sharp turning, skipping of areas, or “hot dogging”.) Mower blades will be properly sharpened prior to each mowing.
  • The appropriate equipment will be used as applicable. Additionally, hand-mowing will be employed wherever scalping, digging, divots, or “skips” are encountered. To assure a complete job and to avoid damage, weed eating will be employed where mowers cannot appropriately reach.
  • Sidewalks will be edged with a weed-eater during each mowing. Grass height at the edge shall remain at least 1″ in height.

Optional Lawn Turf Services:

  • Turf Services
  • Turf Insecticide
  • Turf Aeration
  • Turf Renovation


Bed Edging

Once per year – to be done April / May

  • Four inch (4″) deep, clean, straight edge established on all tree, shrub,flower, utility, and lamppost bedding areas.
  • Excess dirt and sod to be removed from premises by end of each day’s work.
  • Extreme care to be exercised to not move edge lines further into turf areas.

Mulch Application

Once per year – to be done April / May

  • Mulch will be of the same type presently in place.
  • Apply a uniform coating of quality double ground, hardwood bark mulch (1″ minimum: 2″ maximum) to all tree, shrub, flower, utility, and lamppost bedding areas.

Routine Weeding

15 times per year: Bi-weekly April through November

  • All tree, shrub, flower, sign, utility, and lamppost bedding areas will be made weed-free during the scheduled week on a bi-weekly basis.

Bed Clean-up

2 times per year: from April / May and Oct / Nov

  • Remove leaves, debris, and litter from bedding areas. Contractor will guarantee safety of ground cover, bulbs, perennials, and annuals and is responsible for prompt replacement of damaged items.


  • Curb Line Sweeping and Parking Lot Clean-Up (1 time: April)
  • Sweeping of all curb line areas within the property to remove cinders, cigarette butts, dirt, and miscellaneous debris from drives and roads.
  • Total job to be completed within one week, barring major weather disruption.

Additional Services

  • Watering
  • Flower Planting
  • Tree Removal & Pruning
  • Landscaping
  • Extra Leaf Clean-up

Visit our Miko Photo Gallery

You can meet our team, and check out a few of our maintenance projects. You might even get some ideas about landscaping from projects we’ve been fortunate to create that you might consider in your own landscaping project. If you have questions… contact us anytime.

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